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Imperial International is a division of H. Betti Industries, Inc. company.

H. Betti Industries was founded in 1934 by Humbert Betti Sr., who was a young man with a family. At that time, the company was called "Betson & Sons" and functioned as an "operator" for vending equipment. As time went on, Humbert's sons later joined in the business. One of the sons, Humbert Betti Jr., (Bert), decided to venture into stocking billiard-type products. He purchased imported cue sticks, cloth and various other small items which he kept in a steel cabinet in a corner of H. Betti.

In 1952, the billiard portion of H. Betti had grown enough so that is was able to stand on its own. This division was given the name "Eastern Novelty" and serviced local taverns with pool tables and supplies. During this time, we also began importing slate from Italy...Sometime during the 1952-53 season, bumper pool tables emerged and Eastern Novelty secured a continual job covering these tables with cloth for a large distributor.

In 1968, Eastern Novelty no longer seemed to be an appropriate name and the decision was made to change the name to "Imperial Billiards". Our slate importing had increased and we were now supplying slate to all the major manufacturers. This move made Imperial a major player as a slate importer and distributor in the U.S. during the late 1960's and into the mid 70's. We gained recognition and our name became known.

By the mid 1970's, Imperial Billiards was operating as a company with a staff of about 20 employees. Michael DiMotta joined Imperial in 1978 as a salesman and in 1983 was promoted to President, a position he still holds today.

During the period of 1983-84, Imperial Billiards became "Imperial International"

Since that time, we have grown to stock over 10,000 items in both billiard table and accessories as well as parts for our coin and vending division. We have offices in California and New Jersey staffing more than 100 employees. This gives us the regional accessibility to service our customers both in the U.S. and abroad.

Imperial's desire to provide quality products at a reasonable cost remains one of our top priorities. Our long term relationship with our customers is our other top concern.


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